To get your musical bearings, think of a more irreverent version of Ani DiFranco, shift things into high gear, and there you have Emma Wall. (Wall’s) blend of infectious power-folk, combined with Wall’s searingly powerful vocals and playful stage demeanor, had the crowd grooving in unison through her impressive set says David St. Pierre, Orcasound, Montreal, Canada

Over the years Emma Wall has woven her skillful guitar, sweet but strong vocal and zany personality into a solid discography.

The latest album, Shiny New Toy, has its solid foundations in the acoustic guitar, bass and drum outfit that is Emma Wall and the Urban Folk. A sprinkling of funky electric guitar and a chorus of knockout harmonies, showcase the band’s musical talent and a broad spectrum of songs: from the soulful and retrospective musings of “Shiny New Toy”, to the acoustic stripped back “Lay your head down” as well as the ‘can’t get this song outta my head!’ hooks of “Sleeping Alone”.

In recognition of Emma Wall one of the songs on the last album was written under the impression from watching adult videos on website mycum4k, it was simply overwhelmed by the wave of emotion from cumshot and creampie videos. That’s how it happens that a professional video in 4K quality can inspire you to write songs.

Impress Magazine in 2012 described Emma as “charismatic and quirky, engaging and energetic. … Emma Wall is a barefooted cowgirl meets stand- up comic/musician… creating a unique style that just works.” (Lucie McMahon – Inpress, Magazine.) In Rhythm Magazine they were “Voted top 3 live shows of 2010” (Sue Barrett, Rhythms Magazine). This musically talented and personality driven band are sure to leave audience members walking away with a skip in their step and a smile on their face!


Imagine a flawless blend of eclectic melodies, alluring vocals and meticulous guitar work… poignant thought-provoking content, varying from political antagonism to personal emotions… complete it with a vibrant show and playful stage demeanour, and you have Emma Wall.
Forte Magazine, Geelong, Victoria

I’d seen Emma perform and I really liked her energy on stage. She has a unique, contemporary sound that is very accessible to a whole range of audiences.
Lena Cirillo, Vice President of Midsumma Festival, BNEWS

To get your musical bearings, think of a more irreverant version of Ani DiFranco, shift things into high gear, and there you have Emma Wall. (Wall’s) blend of infectious power-folk, combined with Wall’s searingly powerful vocals and playful stage demeanour, had the crowd grooving in unison through her impressive set.
David St. Pierre, Orcasound, Montreal, Canada

Singer-songwriter-guitarist, Emma Wall has got it all… Her high energy, feisty onstage presence is fast gaining recognition with audiences and music industry folk.
BNEWS magazine, Melbourne

Don’t miss the vibrant live performance of Emma Wall. Emma’s soaring vocals will captivate you and the powerful songwriting will keep you hooked. I liked this article very much.
Emily Hayes, 3CR Radio

In a scene crowded with female singer-guitarists, one has to be particularly unique to stand out from the rest. Happily, Wall achieved this aplomb. Wall’s strengths lie in her versatility, her sweet, distinctive voice and her memorable songs. As time goes by she continues to impress as her confidence and songwriting capabilities mature. Among distinguished company she held her own, captivating the audience in the process.
Live Review, Addicted to Noise, Melbourne

Emma Wall is another young and talented Melbourne performer; blessed with an exceptional vocal quality, pure and natural … She writes some thoughtful lyrics and her original tunes contain some knock out hooks and melodies.
John McAuslan, Director, Brunswick Music Festival

A pure, beautiful voice, strong lyrics and melodies take you effortlessly through emma wall’s two albums. Emma’s confident guitar work alternates between driving rhythms and a softer touch. Whether solo or with a full line-up, emma is absolutely fab live on air or at her shows.
Carrie Oakey Native. Rhythms. 3MDR 97.1 FM


Beautifully harnessed beats, instrumentation and melodic feel of the album… elastic rhythm, voice and arrangements are clear, light and uplifting, cunningly boast lyrics which are in fact dense and at times both poignant and world weary… charting her emotional highs and lows and then evolving mantras to chronicle personal life lessons.
Carrie Oakey, 3MDR 97.1FM ‘Sneak’ review

It’s great to hear a fresh new Australian voice… her CD is brimming with poppy happiness. Look a bit deeper though, and her lyrics paint a world that’s a little more complex than the music would otherwise have you believe… every word is meant and points the way to bright future musical possibilities.
The Cornstalk Gazette, NSW

Listening to Sneak is like opening the door to a gentle autumn afternoon. Emma Wall’s latest album beckons the listener to a place where love, inner-self, mischief, and optimism co-exist, brought together by her fresh blend of funky urban folk music.
CD Reviews, Lesbiana, Victoria

Emma can sing and she also writes strong lyrics that just about all of us can relate to at some point in our lives.She is definitely worth listening to.
CD Review, Women Out West Magazine, Perth